Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Colors! 3D

I am not artistically gifted--at least not in the visual sense.  Any time I'm presented with a situation where I have/get to display my lack of artistic skill, I usually cringe, and then reluctantly draw the most average-looking stick-figure people you've ever seen.  I'm fairly talented with photography and setting up subjects, but drawing/painting/'s a lost cause.

Programs and applications that would otherwise enable me to enhance my lackluster drawing ability usually have no effect.  I do enjoy them, though, especially when they exhibit uniqueness and have interesting intricacies.  Colors! 3D, one such drawing application, has finally hit the 3DS's eShop after much anticipation.  And, it's kinda fun.

   I call it, "Sunbeams." Yeah...."Sunbeams"....

My take on Colors! 3D is this: it's hard to classify it as a 'video game.'  In my opinion, it's more like an application, or what I like to call an 'application game' (others being AR Games, Face Raiders, or the StreetPass Plaza).  

The biggest selling point for Colors! 3D is that it allows you to paint very detailed pictures in three dimensions.  While on your 'canvas' you can select from one of five fields of stereoscopic depth.  You've got several tools available to you by pressing the L shoulder button.  Most of these are standard fare for a painting app--different brush sizes and styles, a multitude of colors, etc.  You're able to zoom in on certain parts of the screen, enabling you to get in to super detail.

With this being a 3DS title, some emphasis is placed on sharing and sociability.  One of my favorite features about Colors! is local play.  Over local wireless, two people can team up to paint on the same canvas.  You can also export your completed artwork to your SD card, and then go on to share it.  What's awesome, is that you can export your 3D.  You can adjust the depth of each export via your 3DS's depth slider.

Colors! 3D is a bit of a drawing app disguised as a video game.  But, it works.  Really well, actually, and is definitely worth its $6.99 price point.  Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to work on 'Sunbeams II'. ;)


  1. Great review here! Well written and descriptive, yet clear and concise. Something I struggle with all the time.

    I almost want to get it to fool around with the different layers, seems like a good use of 3D.

  2. Thank you! :)

    It's an addictive little gem, to be sure. I have a few paintings--at least--that are works in progress, all likely to never see the light of day...