Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2: More Trailer Thoughts!

I had planned to take this day off from blogging.

You know, kick back and play a glorious combination of Soul Calibur V, Mass Effect 3, and Final Fantasy XIII-2.  And for most of my day, that was exactly how it went.  Had some coffee, played with our kittens, and started my multi-hour gaming marathon.

Then, I came across this.

This new gameplay trailer comes from Nintendo's 'Nintendo Direct' broadcast, which aired last night and included announcements and news for several games.  I think it's pretty awesome getting a second trailer over the span of about a week, despite this one recycling a few scenes from last week's.

As in the style of my last trailer article, here's some elements I took notice of...
  • Is it me, or is the revised Unova map shown in greater quality this time around?
  • The inevitable showdown between Black/White Kyurem is going to RULE.
  • The second city they show towards the beginning looks so familiar...
  • Is the vista an updated Accumula Town?
  • There's that theater-esque building again...I no longer think it's for an updated musical.  Movies, perhaps?
  • It confirms that Dolphin-Boy's Gym is the one with the player character traversing multiple lilypads...
  • Also shown once more is BW2's animated trainer sprites...freakin' awesome!
  • Black Kyurem just launched a wicked Freeze Bolt at it was a one-hitter. ;)
  • Who is the chick guy chick manwoman...? with the book and freaky hair?
  • KELDEO.  As a Water-type want!
  • At 1:15 is why I think those new theater buildings are for movies.  First the green room, and then the scene with the girl encountering a Tyrannitar.  That would rule so hard.
So, I have to ask...which of Kyurem's new forms look more appealing.  I was a fan of Zekrom over Reshiram, but for some reason I seem to prefer White Kyurem...

And once again, this blog will feature episodic coverage of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 when the games release in Japan on June 23rd.  Once my import comes's gonna be awesome. :)

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