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If you couldn't tell by now, I am a ridiculous fan of Pokemon.  Have been since the 6th grade (199...9? I think?).  Throughout high school it was my secret guilty pleasure, something only my immediate family and closest friends knew I partook in.  When I got to college, I did what most adult fans of Pokemon do--banded together with my fellow dorm-dwellers and brought about our own Pokerevival.  These days, it's common knowledge to most of the people in my life that I'm a Pokefanatic...and nobody cares.  It's great!

In my Pokeventures, I'm a blatant user/fan/spammer of the Water-type.  I always figured it's because I've been a lifelong resident/lover of the Pacific Northwest, with its record rainfall and close proximity to the ocean and whatnot.  Incidentally, I'm also a frequent user of Grass- and Ground-types.  And my signature Pokemon?

What a playyyyyyyyya!

It's no surprise then that I am exuberantly excited for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.  Like I did with Pokemon Black in 2010, I will import one version from Japan, and then buy the English version of the other on its launch stateside.  In fact, stay tuned to this blog and my Twitter account for a play-by-play cover feature on Pokemon Black 2.  Also expect my full written (and mostly unbiased!) review on my partner-in-crime, inMotion Gaming, around the same time.  

So what do we know about BW2 so far? There was a big ol' information drop through Japanese magazine Coro Coro the other day.  We know that the region of Unova has been expanded, and that the game begins in a new area in the southwestern expanse.  Several old locations have been renovated, including Route 4.  There are now underwater tunnels, as well.  

It also looks like the Unova Dex has been expanded--it now includes previous 'Mons, unlike the original BW, which only featured new ones.  So far, Tyrannitar, Lapras, and Marill are among the Pokemon being added.  There will be a Poison-type Gym Leader, a younger gal who is pictured holding an electric guitar.  Quick sidebar here, I found that awesome--I've always associated the Poison-type with punk rock music (not bashing it, I'm a huge punk fan).  There's also a new Water-type Leader, making me wonder if the Striaton Trio is going to return.

Definitely fans of the Poison-type.

The new artwork for the player characters looks exactly as you'd expect--like the protagonists of BW aged a couple of years.  The girl went from sporting cut-off jean shorts to yoga pants, and the male's hair literally exploded out of his hat, turning it into a visor.  There's a new rival, a smug-looking kid who has spiky blue hair.  What this means for Bianca, Cheren and N, I've got no clue...though I can speculate. :)

Do you think Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 will be as great or better than their predecessors? Let me know! Or if you want to battle/trade, I'm always happy taking new Friend Codes. :)

BW2 news via Serebii.

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