Monday, April 2, 2012

Pokemon + ???

I love crossovers between franchises.  I really, truly do.  When the N7 Armor DLC launched for Final Fantasy XIII-2, I was ecstatic.  It might have gotten a lot of flack from Mass Effect's loyalists, but seeing a move like that (even if it was just a publicity stunt to drive EA's sales in Japan) warmed my heart.

Just a little bit ago, a very...unique title launched in Japan, entitled Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition.  It's the first time Pokemon has mixed up with another game franchise (excluding Super Smash Bros., of course).  The game is a strategy/RPG, and is basically feudal Japan...with Pokemon.

Featuring some truly badass Pokes...and Jigglypuff.

For those that don't know, Nobunaga's Ambition is a Japan-only franchise of strategy games, somewhat akin to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series of games.  It features samurai warlords, tactical battles, and everything you'd expect from a strategy game.

In the spirit of this, I couldn't help but awesome would it be if Pokemon crossed over with other gaming franchises? Here's a few of my ideas hopes fantasies...    

1. Pokemon + Monster Hunter
...on second thought, maybe not.  Take a game about collecting monsters heavily marketed as a children's game and combine it with a more mature game revolving around the hunting and slaying of monsters...

Yeah.  That's basically what would happen.

The thing is, for this to work you'd have to not censor anything.  I would pay GOOD MONEY to be able to hunt down Chansey with a Gunlance.  One in a bajillion chance of finding her in the Safari Zone? Nope! Lure her out with some poison meat!

I gave that Chansey some poison meat...Chansey LOVES poison meat!

2. Pokemon + Angry Birds
Ok, seriously.  The opportunity to fling a Spearow into a castle housing several pigs Tepig? How could you not buy that??

The premise would be simple.  A big ol' bunch of bird Pokemon are roosting up in a tree, when along comes a veritable army of Tepig, which then pilfers the birds' young and runs away.  You would start out with a few Spearow, but as you progressed through the game you'd get more powerful Pokemon--like a Staraptor that explodes uses Brave Bird, a Hoppip that bounces uses could even evolve them!

3. Pokemon + Call of Duty
It's 1944.  You are an unnamed soldier, crawling up the Normandy beach.  The rain--and your own blood--are soaking you to the bone.  You think you've finally made it to momentary an opposing soldier spots you.  The next thing you hear before death's cold embrace is...

"Finish him! Scizor, Bullet Punch!"

Now imagine an army of him...

As with a Pokemon/Monster Hunter crossover, this one wouldn't be for the kiddies.  I think it would still be an FPS, only instead of a gun...totally be holding a PokeBall.  You could still prestige yourself over multiplayer.  Call it collecting badges, anyone?

4. Pokemon + Mass Effect space.  Think about it! It could totally be a DLC to ME3...while scouring the galaxy for War Assets, Shep and company come across a strange, remote planet...inhabited by nothing but Pokemon.  You could even recruit one as a new squad member! I 'unno about you guys, but if I could have Garrus and Zapdos on my team...hide your wife, hide your Reapers!

  Reaper used Laser Beams! It's super effective! Mankind fainted...

If anyone else has a grand idea for a Pokemon crossover, let me know! Totally get a Kickstarter movement going for one. :)

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