Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colors! 3D Showcase (Part One)

Strange, immaculate things happen when I'm home sick from school and work.  Namely, I get unusually productive and yes, a little creative.  In this case, while resting on my couch to chicken noodle soup and a Psych marathon, I picked up Colors! 3D and painted/finished a few pictures.

If you read my review on Colors, then you'll know how addictive I find it.  Seriously, I'll pick it up and then can't put it down for at least an hour.  Today, I have five finished paintings, two of which demonstrate the really cool function of painting over a 3D picture.


...And yes, those are seagulls, or some other type of bird, not flying mustaches.  

"Boss Fight Kitty"

This was a picture taken utilizing one of the AR Cards that come with the 3DS system.  Enjoy my poorly drawn hearts. :) And the boss kitty depicted is my cat, Panda.

"Unknown Rainbow"

Not much to say on this one.  I tried to go for some sort of 'clashing' or 'contradicting' effect.

"Legacy of Friendship"

Please remember, I am terrible at drawing things.  The foreground is a grassy area, and the background is supposed to be an ocean.  Supposed to be.  (And those stick figures are just lying down, not deceased.)

"Mi Amore"

I'm actually sorta proud of this one.  This would be my fiance, Monica.  I started with a regular picture of her, painted the background red and threw the date of our wedding in for good measure.  Even more impressive is that I convinced her to let me put this online. :)

I would love to host some sort of showcase from people! If anyone has Colors! 3D and the courage to show their work online, please get in contact with me!  


  1. Nice article - I haven't picked Colors up yet, but I plan to in the somewhat near future. It's nice reading all of the reviews on it, but it's just as good to see it put to use too. :)

    1. Thank you! :)

      It's so much fun. Either as a major creative outlet or just something to idly do in front of the's pretty great. :)