Friday, August 3, 2012

This Month on inMotion Gaming #1

This has been an exciting month for us over at inMotion Gaming.  It's definitely been our most prolific month yet.  Whereas in previous months we were lucky to get two articles up, we've managed to produce several.  Here's what we've been up to in iMG-Land. :)

The Amazing Spider-man Review

This was the excellent debut piece by one of our new writers, Jonathan Gipson.  It's also inMotion's current lowest-rated game, at 3.25/5.  Seems like it wasn't so amazing after all, eh? Still haven't seen the movie...I should do that...

Lollipop Chainsaw Review

Here's another debut article from a new writer, one Jordan Haslett.  Aside from being the one member of our writing squad that prefers the multiple-heading format, he delivered a strong review of a game I never would have given a second glance at. 

Dawnguard Review

My review of Skyrim's first round of big-boy DLC, Dawnguard.  I totally went with the Dawnguard
when I played through, despite Isran turning out to be a giant d-bag.  

Top 10 Video Game Cutscenes

Created by inMotion Gaming.

Quite possibly the biggest non-giveaway article iMG has published yet, courtesy of David Wyatt at Ryatta Reviews.  It's a well done video depicting ten of gaming's greatest cutscenes, some of them I bet you wouldn't have thought of. ;)

Top 5 Most Determined Video Game Heroes

A very original top list depicting the five most hell-bent, stop-at-nothing heroes from video gaming.  The second article from our man Jonathan.  It did really well when it hit N4G a few days ago.

Theatrythm Final Fantasy Review

My review of Theatrythm.  An odd game...I loved it on a raging Final Fantasy fanboy level.  I think I need to start using other characters, though.  My main four hit level 99 days ago and I rarely rotate out. Bartz represent!

Max Payne 3 Review

By our guy Brandon Morgan.  A solid review for a surprisingly solid game.  Remember Max Payne 1?
All I really recall is walking into a hotel and then getting wasted...many, many times...

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

This review was teamwork at its finest.  Jordan lives where KH3D was released eleven days prior to its US release.  The day before, he sent his draft over to me to have a look at.  I subsequently dropped everything else to get it edited and fit for publication.  inMotion's Director and I got it live as the game was hitting US shelves--all thanks, of course, to our guy Jordan.  

I'm still playing through Dream Drop Distance myself.  I'm right at the end of Riku's side of the Country of the Musketeers.  Fun stuff.

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