Saturday, March 31, 2012

MT Ideas


My name is Chris, and welcome to my blog.  I'm really, really terrible with introductory writing, so please don't expect a big ol' formal "about me" or anything.  I strongly dislike talking about myself, so I'll try to curb any of that.

I'm a gamer by hobby. I've been told I have a way with words, but only when they're written--vocally, I am far less gifted.  I am an in-house writer/reviewer for inMotion Gaming, an up-and-coming video game community focused on giving 'unexposed' game writers a chance to shine.  I happened upon iMG on a whim a couple of months ago, and have been writing for them since.

So...the purpose of this blog! It is, in essence, my 'scratchpaper.'  All of my feature length articles about video games are written for inMotion Gaming and can be found here.

But really, gaming is one of my many interests.  I love photography.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, which is a completely gorgeous part of the world.  I attend school for information technology, although I'm a former music education major.  I'm getting married in June! Her name is Monica, and she studies Psychology. :)

I think that's really the gist of it.  Enjoy. :)


(And about the name...MT does not stand for Montana, or 'My Thoughts' or any such silliness.  It stands for ManaTrigger.  Once upon a time, my best friend and I created a fansite for Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger.  The site, though (miraculously) still live, hasn't been touched in several years.  I guess I wanted to carry on the MT brand/name/spirit.)

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